A lot has happened since my last post so I feel the need to catch up. It looks like Karen and I are at a peace and it seems to be ok with me. A few people have came out in the woodwork, and as much as we love entertainment websites here at Foul People. You have to check out these other local websites and our review of it all…

#staywoke717 – on Facebook.com. (click here to visit his Facebook page!

You see this guys name is Jerry Puryear. As much as he is trying to reclaim forgiveness from society for his past crimes against minors Jerry is out there helping the homeless by giving out 5.00 dollar gift cards for McDonald’s, He also brings people sleeping in the streets blankets. A few weird things though is Jerry is a convicted Pedophile that drives around all day on Facebook live. He recently got arrested with a BBGun I think? Also strangely he keeps children’s stuffed animals seat belted in his van while he is on Facebook live. Ther is currently a petition to out him off Facebook? Last time I checked I didn’t think they could use computers after a conviction as such!. I’m sure it makes the children comfortable seeing their favorite characters in your van sir! Also we here at Foul People want to congratulate you on your new wifey as you put it. She is what we believe to be a crackhead that you met two days prior to this publication while Facebook live. You were so excited that you found a girl that you forgot to turn off your live feed. You also made some new friends Jerry. We want to know who the hell is this Alien guy, and why does he have a boner for you and Randy from Columbia Piss and Moan? and Damn it Jerry please make sure you pay that old lady Becky from LipNews. That’s pretty low borrowing money from a old lady!

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