A email I received this week…


Dear (retracted),

As you know I do not like you and you do not like me.
someone was kind enough to share your website url with me and I just wanted to let you know so you can let the people that read your website know something about Karen.

First of all I am sorry. Karen and I were talking around way before you and her even split. She had told me that she wanted to be me and my wife <retracted> third wheel meaning that we could all be dating each other. she even told me that I was her master and called me Daddy! After she moved in I decided that I did not want to date my wife anymore therefore I made my wife sleep in another room. She told me that you were abusive and that you were a bad guy and that she wanted us to raise your daughter, which I now know was wrong. I regret everything that I done, and if I would of known the truth I would of never let her mess with my head.

It has came to my attention that I now have a disease called the human papilloma virus. I noticed it shortly after we were together when I began to get warts on my penis and groin area. I should of known this when she wouldn’t stop scratching her vagina lip, and I saw it swell up. I now have to tell everyone that I have sex with that I carry this STD. It is not curable, but it is treatable. Most men the virus leaves there system or it becomes suppressed, but it doesn’t do it in women’s case, and it never goes away according to the doctor in the women. There is no blood test to confirm the virus as it has to be diagnosed by a visual inspection. This means that every man that Karen sleeps with now also has this STD more than likely. It itched a lot and was hard for me to get rid of. Fact is it took months! I’m writing this letter so you know to get checked or look at yourself to see if you have symptoms. Again I am sorry that I was a complete asshole to you dude.


Peter Griffin

PS> Here is a picture of what it looks like! Please do not be grossed out!

My reply…

Dear Peter <name retracted>,

That is pretty gross! Thank god I didn’t have sex with Karen after she fucked my son! Maybe she got it from him? Who knows! I’ve been to the doctor several times because she is a walking disease cunt bag, and have came up clean even though shes went around telling people I have a disease! Thank you for coming honest about it. Let her infect the world if she likes! PUBLIC ANNONCEMENT: If your a dude sleeping with Karen thenyou better get checked for STD’s, and this means you Military Mett, Uncle Donk, and Stiffle! I wish you all the best!

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