Dear Boyfriend,

It has came to my attention that you may have some questions about what happened on New Years Eve. I know that night may have been a blur to you, but lots of stuff happened that night with you apparently that had nothing to do with me. Since things are going south and no one wants to say anything and people want to silence me then here is another reason to start a fight with the people you love. I promised I wouldn’t put her secret out there but you need to see and hear this at this point because if I deserve no respect then why should I have to hold secrets?

First of all your chick was so drunk that I have videos of her telling me what she did that night while down at her “girl friends house” while drinking and your friend she was screwing with while down there, and then she was bold enough to tell me how you cheated on her like 5 times and she got you back. Then she kept calling you and you both screaming at each other, and frankly it was disquieting. She even told me his name. I guess she thought she was ending it. Thank god you came to get her because my kids were all scared as shit. I have her sitting on my floor at my door telling me every little detail. Details that I shouldn’t know, and now I am supposed to stay silent while you treat me like shit and try to take my daughter away? Not happening on my watch… From this point on I intend on making things difficult since that’s what she told me you have in store for me. Lets start off with my daughter, and how I feel. You will never be her father. Fact is after the dust clears if i t makes it to court it will make a excellent story. Just like all of her other stories and lies! Truth will always set your free. I figured you have the right to know at least since she started things and thus the reason she doesn’t want me to show you. Apparently Efran and her are in love. Why do you think she made you block him, and deleted all of her posts? In time you will see her mess up, Just like she has cheated on everyone else prior to you.

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