– and the dead beat mom of the year award goes to Karen!


Dear Karen,

It has been 6 months since you have seen my daughter. You are the biggest, best, and an amazing dead beat mom! No Christmas presents, no calls, no nothing except for your lies! I’m so glad you find it easy not to fight for either of your children. You choose your pedo boyfriend and friend Dodger, whom is a very big fat lazy liar that thinks the world owes him, and did I meantion he’s a pedo, and I have proof? Maybe I will also post some of the stuff he texted me about you too? You see I saw the post that he made and that you commented on so I must assume that you want to start some shit with me, so this is why I put you out here? Maybe your not paying enough to understand that it is cheaper to keep yourmouth shut? Maybe it is time to ask for a modification for more support? You can say what you want about me but the facts are facts, you can’t hurt me anymore then you already have! Your are a DEAD BEAT MOTHER. DEAD BEAT DEAD BEAT.. MORON IS A DEADBEAT! You always need a man around to take care of you. Your drug addiction are more important then your children even after all these years! I hope you burn in hell, and you realize that I will never stop expressing my opinion about you for as long as I live. I’m so glad you moved out of the state too. The longer you wait the easier it will be to take her from you forever when we are ready to adopt her. I will tell her that you hate her bc she is hlaf of me, and make her hate you. I already have her calling someone else mommy, I just thought I would let you know 😛 , and believe me she does a much better job then you ever will and she didn’t abandon her children like you did. In closing I just wanted to share this thought with you. Maybe in the future we will be friends again one day, but that is up to you and you and me having our long over due talk. As long as you make dangerous and stupid chioces then I will fight you legally and cripple you finacially even more, there will be a point that you will be so far behind in your payments that there may even be a prison cell for you. There’s a reason I havent messaged you, and you’ve played right into it. Even if you messaged me I wont answer because you are like that turn nugget that never flushes! At least I never stopped fighting for my daughter like you did, and never will. Hopefully one day you will take me back to court so I can let Wendy fuck you up in the courtroom like last time. I hope you get more then herpes also. By the way does your new man know you got it? did you tell him? To your new man.. Ask her to show you her medical records. The girl had it so bad she couldn’t sit. Thank god she’s your problem and not mine anymore. Her own family even hates her! I have never been so happier since you stopped seeing her. 🙂 DEADBEAT!

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