Are you a foul person? Possibly? Am I a foul person? Yes, I own my shit, and own it well. First off I want to thank you for giving me my daughters medical equipment, and not make us walk in the 100 degree weather. I still don’t understand still today why you or your husband didn’t confront, or even attempt to talk to me about your issue that doesn’t exsist. Just because Karen allegedly blamed me doesn’t mean its true and I’m sure that is coming to light. Now to address the woman that begged me to take a screen shot down a few days ago which I did. I still don’t know what the purpose of friending me only to defriend me and chat a lot of messages to me. Are you afraid that your man will find out we were being friends? Do you own your shit like I do? It seems like I was right from the start so in good faith I am going to release some of our messages, but not others because I don’t want you to have issues with your man, but in the future own your shit because you look weak, and I think your man thinks you are because he likes to cheat on you, and theres now more to that story also and it has nothing to do with the girl you already know about. Maybe grow some and own your shit, and teach him a lesson like we discussed? Here are the screen shots from yet another person directly involved that knows I didn’t spread a viscous rumor that Karen was doing your husband, Maybe if you would of explained yourself like you explained yourself to Karen I wouldn’t have to write it in my personal blog… LMAO. Have a great day!

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