Let’s talk about some foul things ladies and gentlemen. Everyone is always acting so innocent and like their shit doesn’t stink but the facts are facts. you used to be my friend, and are now a very mean person. Your a liar. You say you value peoples relationships, and you own your shit, when the truth is if you did you would of never hooked your single friend up with your other friend that had a baby and a family thinking it was ok, and then boldly face lie to the poor man girlfriend to her face! I know have the truth thanks to her. That is just plain foul to do to anyone! Not to mention he actually went through with it and was foul human also. You all like to talk shit on me, but now what happens when the truth gets talked about you?

You see I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t convince a nasty man to cheat on his girl and his family. I didn’t tell anyone Karen was blowing your man like people are going around saying. It was all from other sources but I sure took the blame for it. Do you like Karen that much over our friendship of twenty years? I mean was it all worth this? Your husband hates me because he thinks I started that viscous rumor when the fact is it was the someone REALLY CLOSE TO YOU THAT TOLD YOU THEY SAW IT! Will anyone ever tell the truth? Honestly you are the one that did all this to yourself. I don’t feel anyway about it, and I’m glad that you can sleep at night knowing that in the back of your thoughts. I wonder how he would feel if his chick told some dude the same shit and screwed him. Do you think he would be mad? Maybe I should do the right thing and post the screenshot that I wasn’t even involved in because it surely got blamed on me so why shouldn’t I join the party as well? At this point I really don’t care if you all are my friends or not. You kind of picked sides when you moved Karen in, and you hooked her up with the arsonist, and also lied to my face about it in my opinion. To that stich about Karen blowing your husband I guess it depends on who you ask, and what snapchat videos were circulated that certain people saw, and what people told you? If you honestly asked me how I felt, me knowing your husband, I would say no your husband didn’t do anything wrong, but if you asked me if she did something I would tell you to ask your family that told you whatever they told you from the beginning. I don’t honestly know and really don’t care at this point, and it’s not my problem. I just needed to get this off my chest because I felt that I needed my own personal closure, and someone needed to hear the truth. Enjoy your screen shot and the truth about who ratted who out, and yes you have Karen to blame for that one also. Wanna talk about it? You got my number text me, because at this point there can be no verbal conversation ever after what you did to me the other week. Some parts of the message have been blotted out because I don’t like using names especially when you already know all the players 🙂

[photo removed by request from a decent person]

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