Back from my vacation… Back by popular demand!


Well first off I must apologize for the extended vacation. You see when your Webmaster is happy then there is never anything to go on about, but a lot has happened over the last few months. To start, Karen and I are doing better. We have a good understanding when it comes to our daughter, and no lines are longer crossed. No one likes the time it consumes and the damage it does long term because the people that know me know that I will never give up when it comes to my kids, and we both agree that as long as lines are not crossed and all the rules are being handled then we shouldn’t have any issues. I do admit though I still will always have issues with the past and what was done to me, but I can put them aside for my daughters sake! I look forward to posting more starting tonight. Stay tuned for the next article as it deals with yet another old ex named Felicia. She used to be popular, and then she straightened out only to fall off her rocker again. She even fucked my sister, and her husband… What a real nasty story and video coming soon!

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