-Brother screws sister after thier father introduces them!


(Columbia, Pa.) Police have just learned that Austin Moyer, 27 of Columbia did indeed have sexual relations with his sister Amanda Moyer, 23 of Brownstown, Pa. Police learned of the relationship after the pairs father, Harold Moyer, 45, of Lancaster, PA. got arrested for failing to register his new address according to the Megan’s Law website for being a pedophile. When police took Harolds phone into evidence they saw explicit pictures of the couple engaged in various sexual acts that his son sent him over Facebook messenger involving his younger sister. Police have charged the trio with several counts of incest. Moyer vows that he will never stop banging with his sister and that he loves her. Harold released a statement saying that he supports his sons and daughter’s choices and doesn’t regret hooking them up. He also says that he looks forward to the grandchildren when he gets off Megans Law website.

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