I just want you to know that the best is yet to come for MY daughter. I promise I will teach her to hate Kevin at ANY, and ALL costs. I will tell her the vilest things I can about him. I have not even started yet so there may be time for him to accept his part in this saga and stop this insanity! He can stop it with two words! Cassie has asked that I tell you that it’s really no big loss that you don’t come around since you moved back into Kevin’s abusive arms. I told her the reason you all fight is because you all don’t have any trust with each other. I told her it’s because you both are cheaters, and foul. I also know that it’s only a matter of time until he flips out again. You say MY daughter is perfect, but apparently, she’s not perfect enough because again you’re not here for her because your dick whipped. It must be fun being a fun parent. Cassie also says that she will do her best to fill our daughters Void until you decide to return. She will make sure all her cloths are laid out for school, she will make sure she matches, she will make sure she gives her the hugs that you aren’t because you choose Kevin over her. She also will enjoy doing her hair in the morning. Unbelievably in the last week you and Kevin couldn’t put your differences aside and decided to abandon our daughter to the point it looks pathetic. You both look like pieces of shit, but those are just my opinions. I’m wish you all the best 🙂 I hear that you’re not allowed to message me either apparently because for those 17 days I was the best. In my opinion you’re the best at you using me for whatever you could get. Don’t worry though I got what I wanted too. Now you are his guard dog again. I am proud to be the only stable thing in MY daughter’s life. The only way that you would even come close to where I am is because a man is handing it to you or supporting you. You will never make it without a man. That’s how cock hoppers work. I realize now that it’s not that I have a small dick, it’s just that your pussy is just too stretched out after all the dicks it’s taken. Felt that a week or so ago… Let’s see how fast it takes me to answer your messages since you ignore ours… Let’s see if you show up in the morning to step up again.

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