Columbia Codes Department targets a handicapped baby, and her father!


Just my feelings, but about a week or so ago Dale Dommel, who is a inspector for The Columbia Borough code department approached me about a commercial inspection on my business property. Currently due to Covid-19 The borough of Columbia suspended all residential inspections at a previous town meeting. Why the council didn’t for the businesses in town shocks me. Well long story short, I have a handicapped toddler daugter with chronic lung disease, among a few other major medical issues, and she has a trach in the throat so she can breath. She is on a ventilator at night, and she spends some time down in my shop that has been closed to the public since March. Well because of the circumstances of Covid-19 and the transmission rate, and how the news says its transmitted so I decided to deny the codes department access to our building because of her health reasons, and asked that if they needed to inspect that they suit up, or use other protective equipment not to infect anyone with anything. My request was denied and in return Mr. Dommel, and I had a disagreement, and he stated that I had to comply with a inspection by the end of the year.

After a week, thinking we had came to a compromise, two quick tickets arrived. One was for the building not having the street address and the other was for what the Dommel calls rubbish. The rubbish was actually a box of computer parts that a customer had dropped off for me to refurbish or give away to people that needed then. I explained that I have had this same method of people dropping things off for over ten years. At one point the borough allowed me to have a metal cage outside for drop off and then when I pissed someone off on the council they made me remove it.

Once I explained this to Dommel and asked him to rescind the tickets his words were that he didn’t care about my business, or my handicapped daughter, or her health. He said I could appeal them for $100.00 a piece to the borough, which means if I even want a the borough manager to review it I have to pay 200.00, which at this point they have strong armed me into paying a total of $50.00 of money that I don’t have due to a lack of business. I tried to reach out to Dommels boss, Paul, and it also feel on deaf ears. The tickets both said I had 7 days to comply, therefor I thought if I did they would rescind them but it is not the case. My call to the borough manager fell on deaf ears because he just has refused to call me back, or even acknowledge my voicemails. So the bottom line in my opinion is these borough employees in codes have no care about spreading Covid-19 to handicapped babies, or care about us small businesses in Columbia. All they care about is lining their pockets with fines that they could feasibly made a phone call and had resolved. COLUMBIA BOROUGH HATES DISABLED PEOPLE PERIOD, THEY COULDN’T/WOULDN’T AT PREVIOUS TOWN MEETING THAT I TOOK MY DAUGHTER TO IN SUPPORT OF SVEMS. If anyone else has a horror story about the borough please send me a email at . I would love to publish it. Below is a public list and email addresses of the people attacking me and my daughter. Please send them a email or a text, or even give them a call in support for us! Thank you to my 5000 plus followers and have a great day!

Dale Dommel, Inspector –  (cell: 717.693.5288)

Paul Paulson, Codes Compliance Manager – (cell: 717.693.6503) 

Mark E. Stivers, Borough Manager –  

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