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Dear Blog,

I know its been a crazy week but I feel like I have to blog about more of my day yesterday. Do you know that some creepy dude called me creepy? I’ll get back to that later, but lets look at creepy…

creepy….. [ˈkrēpē] ADJECTIVE informal causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease. “the creepy feelings one often gets in a strange house”synonyms: frightening · scaring · terrifying · hair-raising · spine-chilling · blood-curdling · chilling · petrifying · alarming · shocking · harrowing · horrifying · horrific · horrible · awful · nightmarish · macabre · ghostly · disturbing · eerie · sinister · weird · menacing · ominous · threatening · eldritch

These are thing things that come to mind. Is is worth getting shot over? I guess it depends whos trying to harm you… Self defense on the other hand is a whole other story? All over words? So childish. So I guess that means stay tuned for some more exciting posts and pictures about creepy things this week… Hopefully the greys hear it…


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