Dear Mommy,

Crying unhappy boy hugging his Grandmother.

Dear Mommy,

A few years ago you made the choice to have me. You acted like you were the perfect parent and I watched you do drugs, have sex with many men and women, and then I watched you run off get married and leave me to rot with Grandma. Over the years you have showed me that my newer sister is more important to you then me. Every time I see you I keep hearing the promises that you make and it hurts. You used to tell me I was coming to live with you but again you lied! It seems that the next penis is always more important then me, and now I find out you are doing the same thing to my baby sister. I hope she grows up to hate you because you are a piece of shit. You abandoned me mom, even my dad spends more time with me and I know that he loves me. Why did you bring me into this world just to throw me away?


-Your Son

6 thoughts on “Dear Mommy,

  1. Soon enough mr. Sweigart, assassins are gonna get ya… were gonna burn down your building… Kill you and ya special down syndrome baby… Kill ya other kids… Were coming for ya bitch…See ya soon…

  2. Pretty sure this is a satirical site here Ms. Sweigart. But hey if one sperm dumpster recognizes another than way to go girl! Face it, you were never a mother to either of your children and they will always be better off without you. Matter of fact, the whole world would be

  3. All this spare times Jesse. Whereโ€™d you go. Iโ€™m gonna ruin your business. Hahahahaha.

  4. You sound mad hurt that she left your ugly ass and good for her. Who makes a website over someone being mad? And if she did all the shit you’re saying why be with her? You embarrassed yourself you fucking clown ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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