Don’t call Karen a “Bad Girl” – She’s Just Speaking Out.


I keep wondering in my head if you realize that everything you said you did? It’s ok honey. I know your confused. I won’t tell him about your drinking nights and don’t tell “him” nights. Like he said in his messages to me. It’s not his problem you were all broken up, so why would he care? Enjoy living back in the place you called hell, that you could never leave, that you are always there. He was always in your face, on your case. You could never do anything. Let’s all pretend we are 15 again! No money… No job… Living in Kevin’s Grandmas house, you know the one that you told me moved out of for a few days back with her son. You even told me that she hates living in because you all of you, and the fact that the damn place is falling apart. Sucking off what little Social Security that poor woman has left, and only one person working and helping with the bills… Sounds like a horrible place to live. She should sell it and move to a nice quiet retirement community away from all you fucking nuts.

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