Everyone’s a narcissist


  1. a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves. “narcissists who think the world revolves around them”

Let’s get this straight to all my followers. First of all I hope that my fictional website is keeping you amused everyday. second I need to clear the air because everyone I deal with including myself do this sometimes. So here’s my message of the day.

Dear Ben from the Fantastic four.

I got your message, and I got it on camera being told to me. Lets get this clear though. Your going to send down some people from what was it Bucks county to kill me with a gun bc your daughter was in a picture on an article I was clearly making a online blog/publication about someone else not even related blood to you? Wait?! You say I blacked her face out on the picture as well??? Yea… ok I did but?????? Wait I did this even after back a while ago she was more than ok with putting me on blast on Facebook in a public forum and I never said anything to anyone about it or threatened anyone?! I think your being a little overboard dude. Especially thinking it was about your family. However if you really do want me to do a story for you I mean I’m sure I could write a good article 🙂 Simple solution, don’t believe everything you see on the internet and take a chill pill it wasn’t about your family. Fact is I really do like you all, ad I mean that. At anytime your daughter “A” could of messaged me on Facebook if she has an issue with it. Please remember though that being a asshole won’t fix things, and once again pulling So once again since Chris and I are talking about things if anything happens to me I guess Ben had it done with a gun, by the guy from Bucks county! (Just like the game clue) Please though on a serious note Ben if you have something clearly to say you can call, text, email or comment on this website. By all means my intention was not to offend or disgrace the “W” family name.

Also let this be a lesson to you Chris. when your a asshole to people theres always other people it affects directly or in directly. I’m glad I could clear the air this morning…



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