Lolo Lice! some love her, some hate her but there are a few things you need to know about this wild gal 😛

Lolo Lice is a proud born and raised Columbia gal. A member of the PTA. Good church going lady, or as it may seem. You see Lolo is not only a hypocrite. she is also a liar and maybe evena Felicia. You see this women that I used to call my friend a little over a year ago teamed up with Karen to try to pull off a huge lie. Regardless it bqack fired on her, and a year later I was surfing one of our local groups on Facebook and saw her trying to cause drama for some other family she didn’t know. Quickly I added how I felt only to be met with a empty threat of her lawyer suing me for what she calls slander. It’s all good and dandy and I’m still waiting to hear from your lawyer, and yes in my opinion you are a no good liar, hypocrite, busy body and you deserve the Foul person of the month award for January. Come collect it from me if you wish but here it is..

Also my ex friend, you reaching out to Karen bc you choose sides wont even help you either, by the way how do you feel about your friend that you took sides with doing homemade porn? I guess a hoes got to make a living right?

You are like that turd that just wont flush. Some good advice is to stay out of people business online or in the real world as you call it you busy body. No one likes you, you’re ugly if you don’t stop I’ll tell your husband about your affair with the guy from your church. If you don’t want your dirt out then conduct yourself accordingly, as your reputation depends on it. So from me to you, you vile piece of shit. You can go fuck your self with your dildo because that’s the only thing that loves you.

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