Definition of foul

1a: offensive to the senses LOATHSOMEthe foul odor of rotten eggs

b: filled or covered with offensive matter foul bins of filth2: being odorous and impure POLLUTED foul air

3a: morally or spiritually odiousDETESTABLEfoul crime

b: notably unpleasant or distressing WRETCHEDHORRID in a foul mood 4: OBSCENEABUSIVE foul language

5a: being wet and stormy foul weather

b: obstructive to navigationa foul tide 6a: TREACHEROUSDISHONORABLE fair means or foul

b: constituting an infringement (see INFRINGE sense 1) of rules in a game or sporta foul blow in boxing7: being outside the foul lines in baseball… a foul fly that was snagged by a fan in the stands.— E. M. Swift8: containing marked-up correctionsa foul manuscriptfoul proofs 9: full of dirt or mud 10: encrusted, clogged, or choked with a foreign substancethe chimney was foul and smoked badly

11: placed in a situation that impedes physical movement ENTANGLEDfoul fishing line12dialectal British HOMELYUGLY

foul noun

Definition of foul (Entry 2 of 4)

1a: an infringement of the rules in a game or sport



3: an entanglement or collision especially in angling or sailing

archaic something foul

verb fouledfoulingfouls

Definition of foul (Entry 3 of 4)

transitive verb

1: to make foul: such asa: to make dirty POLLUTE

b: to tangle or come into collision with

c: to encrust with a foreign substancea ship’s bottom fouled with barnacles



3: to commit a foul against

4: to hit (a baseball) foul

intransitive verb

1: to commit a violation of the rules in a sport or game

2: to hit a foul ball3: to become or be foul: such as


b: to become encrusted, clogged, or choked with a foreign substancec: to become entangled or come into collision

foul adverb

Definition of foul (Entry 4 of 4)in a foul manner so as to be foul

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