Good luck getting a DIVORCE in this state.


Read it carefully my friends. A divorce in PA will cost you a lot of money and loads of time if it is contested, I’ve seen them go for ten years i some cases. so think about it. so next time your ex that is still married to you legally tells you her boyfriend is going to punch me in the face, because I wouldn’t let them do something with my child then make sure you tell him how you were trying to get on my dick on your birthday, and back with me, and how I had to keep pushing you off me because you were trying to fuck me, in my defense I have it all on camera you were so drunk. You don’t remember but agreed never to speak of it again in a text message, and you agreed mever to speak of it. Luckily I did not delete those messages. I have someone that treats me much better then you ever did, and ha everything s man could want. I can just sit here and do nothing and make you do all the money and work, and keep it up for years. again maybe just keeping the peace and not being a cheater would get you further? Maybe just chill out and see what non compliance gets anyone. I have all the time in the world. Here’s a interesting article for you to look at since you know everything.

Do I Need my Husband or Wife’s Signature to Get a Divorce in PA? (

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