I just wanted to let you know that this has been by far the best Sunday morning in a very long time. I woke up today with a beautiful woman in my bed. My daughter is healthy and SAFE from you. I realized that after seeing my friend treat my daughter much better then you ever have that maybe I should let her know that I would date her, and that’s exactly what I did. At this point and me being honest. I was hoping for a good conversation, which could still happen if that’s what you wanted, but you as always with your mental illness are deciding to play the victim again, you say its all about me controlling you? Controlling you to do what? Talk about my daughter? Talking about you giving her her meds? Talk about a DIVORCE? Your porn site? I mean you act like I want you in a romantic way. Lets be clear again I don’t want your nasty ass back. I mean you’ve slept with over 5 guys in the past year? You don’t take care of yourself. Your mentally ill. and above all you placed my daughter in danger by abusing her. I saw it with my own eyes and so did the medical professionals. You say your a victim of domestic violence, just think about the day you punched me in the face, and how many people you bragged to it about when I was in Wrightsville, and how I took it and said nothing and did nothing.. Apparently in
Karen world all your ex’s abuse you. You told me Ment hit you while you were pregnant, You told me Alf hit you in front of my daughter. You got beat up in a alley way selling his drugs in Scumbia. I could go on, and yes I also have faults, one of them being I can’t keep my mouth shut. At least I own my shit. but yes lets drag out all our dirt. Lets see if I Can really get child support, and take what little custody that you think you have left. Because I know I can if that’s what I have to do to keep our daughter safe. That’s what mama bear did to you, which now seeing how things are you deserved it and he deserved a better life. You don’t call him daily, you aren’t there, and you should feel like crap over it., wait till he sees that you fought for my daughter more then you ever fought for him. You now hes getting older now. Wait till I drag into court. It’s just very frustrating and no matter what you say to me or anyone else a judge WILL see it for what it is. It looks like you and I will be in court for a while so be prepared to take a lot of days off, and I’ll even let you file the contempt order,. After what you did to my daughter over and over your options were laid out on the table, and they were safe ones and you rejected everyone. Just like you rejected the safety plan to keep my daughter safe bc you think you have a advantage in my opinion. The court order clearly states that you, we must go by all cps recommendations. You will be dealing with the same people when it comes to my daughters safety. You can tell the caseworker whatever you want also just like I can. The facts on paper is what this case is about, not your hate for me. Get over the fact that I have an opinion too. Your just taking it personal because you know that you are caught finally, and someone (me) wants you to be held accountable just like I should be held accountable when you accused me of abuse, which during that time some people said horrible things but it was proven that I did my job as a father, another thing I can blame on your mental illness. I can own my mistakes, even you hahahahaa.. Remember who wanted to kill herself just two months ago in my house while I sat there and video recorded you. That and not given my baby life saving medications.. Yea ok.. Judge is going to rule in your favor. I am sure of it. As I said I am a text message away if you want to resolve this it doesn’t have to go this way but then again your in control and this is where your taking it. I hope your having a fun day. I know me your friend from Lititz are. She treats her so good.. So much better then you! I hope you are having a wonderful day over there. I still didn’t tell him the stuff you said on video about screwing his friend. I may publish it later!


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