– I did it for the crack exclaims woman!


LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — A couple from Columbia staged an ambush on a woman along a road in Lancaster Township, allegedly assaulting her and stealing her belongings, Manheim Township Police said this week.

Kathy Mills, 45, and Howard Chapman, 46, attacked the victim on the 1100 block of Millersville Pike Saturday night at about 7:15, police said in a criminal complaint affidavit.

Mills and Chapman, who are known to the victim, allegedly approached her with the intent to sell the victim crack and launched an attack as she walked along the road, police say. Chapman punched the woman in the head and forced her to the ground by pulling her hair, according to police.

The suspects then forced the victim to empty her pockets to see if she had more crack, police claim. They took the woman’s cigarettes and a cellphone, and a crack rock and pipe worth $225 before fleeing the scene together in a vehicle.

During an interview with investigators after the alleged incident, Mills told police she and Chapman had planned the attack ahead of time because the fact was they needed more crack for the 3 day binge that they were on. Chapman allegedly told her he planned on “stripping” the victim and taking her belongings, according to police.

The victim reportedly suffered a bloody nose after Mills punched her in the face during the attack, according to police.

Both suspects are charged with felony counts of robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery and a misdemeanor count of harassment, according to the complaint.

Chapman received an additional summary traffic violation because he was seen driving away after the attack. Chapman has a suspended driver’s license, according to police.

Both suspects were arraigned on charges and remanded to Lancaster County Prison after failing to post $100,000 bail.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for March 30, court records show.

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