First of all, let me clarify that we are still friends Karen. I just don’t understand your motives to hurt me and your daughter, after the last few weeks, however I called it. I just find it funny that you all did it for the dick according to you. You lied to me. You lied to your kid. Wow. Kevin’s young 22-year-old dick must be amazing… It must be a powerful thing, enough to make you lie and ignore you own special needs child for it. Have fun with Kevin and living in his Gmas house in an attic that’s falling apart. I hope Kevin is abusing you verbally, and mentally, just like you like it. Just please keep our kid out of it because he’s a bitch, and a very nasty one. You really have a good choice in men! Now that your back in his arms again I hope you and him have a happy life. Just kind of frustrating because you were supposed to see your handicapped child that you abandoned today. Again, words mean everything I guess that must be some good dick 🙂

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