I found out my brother is also my father?! Please help.?


I know many of you will think this question is a joke but it’s not. I am feeling sick and miserable. I am from the future, the year 2054 to be exact I am typing this from the future and was actually aborted in 2018.

I have always wondered why I have never met my father and there were a bunch of other things that did not add up. For instance, my mother’s childhood photos, her middle name my father’s name…just small things.

Recently I found some old messages from a thing called the internet and a platform called Facebook. After confronting, Karen, my mother she finally came out and told me that my brother is actually my father. So I came from incest. I wanted to run through a wall. I would of been 25 in the year 2054 if I wasn’t aborted. Now and I don’t know how to deal with this. Mom and dad/brother I don’t even know what to call him are living together. but they are not a normal family.

Im lucky I was aborted…

-someone please give me advice from the past!

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