Dear Jessica,

I want you to be happy too. My day has been quite a weird one. I woke up this morning and literally felt like I was in bizarre land. There is a girl that I thought was my Facebook friend, and she’s turned out to be a total fake foul person. Her name is Jessica, and she’s always crying about how bad her life is, but at the same time can’t stay out of anyone’s business, and spreads around fake rumors and lies. She among a few others have made it almost impossible to eat out in town anymore! Today one guy actually went to fight me because of some shit she said. I don’t hang out with Jessica, I don’t have tea or coffee with her, she is just some crazy bitch I know in town and had added to Facebook, well I guess her love life is so fucked up and horrible that she has to spread some lies about me around town. Her actions have resulted in people walking past my house etc. One small word to the wise Jessica is to keep spreading the false lies and see what I put out there about you. I honestly feel pretty sorry for you, and all those selfies that you take of yourself are gross, you look like pizza the hut from space balls the movie. No one wants your damaged ass in this town. Your such a drama queen, and everyone knows your business, and that’s probably why you can’t attract a man. Maybe 20 years ago you could, but your not a teenager anymore even though you work with plenty of them… Have a great day. PS. We are not Facebook friends anymore, keep my name out of your fucking mouth bitch and we don’t have to escalate it. I hope someone shows this to you.

Fuck off and have a nice day!

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