Just putting it out there. If your too scared to face me and need your dishrag boyfriend Kevin to be there then I probably will not be riding with you in MY car. You should rethink things quickly and decide if your daughters more important then his beef with me, and yes Kevin, and I have beef. Maybe he could apologize for his part also? Maybe he should of kept his mouth shut until mine actually opened? I mean it’s a public street according to Kevin right? Karen is also a cheater just like he is so you two are good for each other.. I mean I guess it’s not cheating if you claims those 17 days were a official break up. Maybe show him the “Secret Messages that I screen shot with the burner phone? Maybe show him the snaps you sent? Either way I will expose it all in good time… Wonder if he liked the taste? There are so many things I could show you but I’ll let it up to your imagination. You know he has no clue about anything that’s happened… Me on the other hand really doesn’t have anything to lose so go ahead and do your worst. Don’t worry also Karen I wont tell Kevin your secrets during those 17 days. That makes it much better and more satisfying to me that you all are on the same level now.

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