Incest the whole game the family can play.


What a change of tunes. Since Karen and I have agreed to be nice to each other I still have some unfinished business with you Kevin. You see a week or two ago I got some text messages from someone, and I was able to decode the headers in the spoofed messages because that what I do, and I now know it was you that sent all those messages. Remember when Karen left you for 17 days? Well, I sure accumulated a lot of data about you, and your family and friends from her. Soon you will know how trustworthy Karen really is. I just want you to know that everything I’ve learned I’m going to spill unless Karen MAKES you do the right thing. Only choice is what secret to tell first. There is some pretty sick shit I learned about you this week Kevin. Since you and Karen are a couple again I think the world should knowhow sick and fucked up you really are in your head. The next story will feature your sexual relationship with your family member. Incest the whole game the family can play! Your a foul person!

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