Wow Kevin, you are pretty nasty. Trying to fuck my daughter, your ex’s ex kid in law lmao! Trying to holla at other girls telling them your clean now off the drugs trying to hook up? You just think anyone will want you after having STD girl, and yes for everyone that knows who Kevin is, he has a uncurable STD, you probably should demand a test before you let him stick his godly penis in you. He told me personally while he was desperately trying to get Karen back. You should get a blood test. I sure do hope you know that it isn’t a skin tag! Why you sound like a gravy train this week boy. Just like some other people do also! I saw you the other day, why did you cut yourself up? Are you mentally ill? Maybe you should see a doctor or a therapist. Does Don know you fucked his mom yet while you were spending the night? Does he know about the secret messages between you two? You are just all over the place! I sure hope you get help before it’s too late!

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