– it’s no secret exclaims Kevin!


PSA Alert. If you see Kevin walking down the trail, in Columbia please refrain from looking into his baby blue eyes, and German blond hair, also please do not feed or fuck him. If you, do you may want to get a STD test. It seems like that beautiful predator penis of his is on the prowl again banging out desperate chicks with committed relationships that have daddy issues. Take the latest girl he met on the trail. We will call her Callie. Callie has kids, a fiancĂ©, and a family, but yet she decides to take her dirty sweaty roast beef vagina to the trail and have some yum yum time with Kevin, and then Kevin goes back home to his grandma’s house and proceeds to act like he cares about his girlfriend by making her believe that they were making up. Now everyone seems to be in an interesting place, and I’m sitting here, refusing to do anything but watch, laughing at you knowing that you’ve been outsourced by a handicapped dude. Oh, by the way shout out to the handicap dude that actually has his own crib. He doesn’t live with his grandma, and guess what Kevin? The wheelchair guy as you call him has a job! He works! Imagine that. He also doesn’t steal money from his mommy. That one’s pretty sick dude stealing from your own hard working mom. How’s all this working out for you? Did you start doing the hardcore drugs again boy? Will you ever start doing the right thing boy, and grow the fuck up? I will continue this story later.

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