Dear Grandma,

According to Karen, she is renting a apartment from you! I have this in the form of text messages from Karen herself and I was kind enough to give the nice codes department a copy. The reality of it is that if this is a multi unit property like all the listing says then you are required by law to have a occupancy permit for all renters. Since I have proof from Karen herself in text messages that she is renting from you she should have a lease, and Grandma, you need to have a yearly rental property inspection, plus a Knox box etc. It’s a shame I have to go this far for the safety of my daughter but Karen is the one that ratted you out Grandma. You will see shortly that you have no secrets when you tell Karen your business. I’m assuming the borough will be having a chat with you about text messages, and the rental in the next few days or weeks and if your house is truly a rental property. If it is not then please accept my humble apology. I can assume that if Karen goes through with her plans everyone will soon be getting criminal background checks also in the near future. Is this all really worth it for a girl that harms herself, is a horrible mother, and blames the world for her problems, and a child that she favors over her first born? Yes you may get some money from her but she can never give you grandchildren, and she is used goods in my opinion. Half the town has had a turn on her including my son, and her uncle allegedly. Maybe Karen will reach out again for her daughters sake and continue our civil conversation, maybe she wont. It is a new week and she is no longer blocked as I’ve held up my end of the bargain that her and I agreed on when she started the name calling. Also maybe since you seem to have more sense then Karen does grandma tell her about how important it is to talk to people correctly and not call them names, especially when she wants a divorce or people to be civil regarding the children she has abandoned. It is not a nice feeling. I hope you are having a wonderful day, and again I am sorry she is making things hard for you now. I guess it’s like taking in a stray puppy that pees all over your floor and you have to train it.


-The one Karen calls immature.

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