The truth about Karen’s abortion. You see when Karen left after she slept with my son she got pregnant. She didn’t know who the baby belonged too so she decided to have it aborted. She was so uncaring that she made a horrible joke right before the abortion referring to her day was complete with a cheeseburger, blunt, and abortion. For months I was lied too. The above picture is what happens when babies are aborted. Even though Karen is a slut, her baby regardless of whos it was should of had a chance. Instead she lied to everyone in order to murder it. There is a special place in hell for you Karen… I promise you that. You are a baby murderer and the children that you don’t see are better off. Just my opinion. People like Karen find abortion so easy. Guess its like eating a cheeseburger. Everyday I live with what you done and how you lied and legally took a life. I wrote a poem just for you…

A bit of a cunt

I hate to be blunt 

  But you’re a bit of a cunt

Even homie Frankie approves

  Of such a verbal stunt 

And I really hate to pry

  But that sparkle in your eye

Is lit from the booze 

    And your saddle up high

Try not to look down 

  Wearing that cardboard crown

Rock paper scissors 

   Each one will make you frown

I’ll just leave out a bunch

  And express my main hunch

You’re a cricket among lizards

  Deserving a direct cunt punch

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