Let’s move to Grandmas House!


Hey Karen! Just my opinion I’ve heard that apparently you can not hold down your own place with your career job and be stable, according to drama starters in the good ole town of Columbia, Pyro has apparently decided at the young age of 18, he can support your homelessness by moving you into my Grandmas house. I wonder if you guys sleep in her cellar, and help her out because shes a old lady that pays for half the town to stay with her because of her kind heartedness? My poor old Grandma! She has worked hard all her life just to have people use her, and deep down inside I know my Grandma wants to tell everyone to get the fuck out and get a real job. She loves her family to much that she feels like it must suck when you have to pay someones way for love. I wonder where all your money is going because you sure haven’t been supporting your children emotionally or financially either. You can’t even hold down a room for more than 2 months, but I hold it all down for years! MY daughter wants me to tell you that she is still waiting for her size 4 diapers, and you to show that you even want to be a mom. All those broken promises that you made to her when she was a baby and thank god wont remember them. Did you possibly use all those diapers on Pyros ass when your changing him since he is still a baby compared to you? Maybe you used them to wipe the cum off your mouth after allegedly blowing a close family member, then telling someone about it that you thought were close friends until someone else hooked your friends man up? Then everyone’s house of cards came down and I got blamed. I didn’t do it, however people that you called family members are now disowning you because it, and it almost ruined a marriage that has lasted a lifetime, Whether it is true or not I will never know and don’t really care about because it’s not my issue. I also know that you blamed it all on me but I had legitimate proof of who it was because of messenger screen shots. If you would like me to post them I have no issues with it. I’m sure people would get mad but that’s what happens when you all do foul shit, and blame it on others that have no involvement. For some reason your shit keeps running down to my house. I know who started that rumor and have the screenshots between her and another. It’s a shame that when the story was told it was full of bullshit and simply by showing messenger messages between certain people it was clear who started the rumor but that is another story. Please start wiping your nasty ass because I’m tired of it affecting MY daughters life. Also in my opinion it is only a matter of time until Pyro finds a better model that is not as sick and crazy as you are, according to some mutual friends, he’s been telling everyone that he did not know what he was thinking when he got with you and that you are a strange weirdo, and he doesn’t know how to get rid of you, even talks about sharing you with his friends according to them. In any case I am sure that there is no shortage of men that want to have relations with you so I’m sure you will find another house to live at in the next year or so after you find out what it’s really like. In any case I’m sure Pyro’s family is more than happy to have you there to satisfy all their needs until it gets old. Hopefully Pyro will come home and find you in bed with his male family member. Seems to be the type of person you are by always keeping it in the family and all. Someone should of warned Pyros mother before you moved in. See what happens when you keep things are arms length? You could fix this all and change your life if you wanted to but your men are more important then your children. I only hope that one day you decide that you want to be friends but that starts with you being honest and not starting crap for your kids.

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