– local mother kills her unborn kid!


(Columbia, Pa) In an shocking revealation a local mother has confirmed that the reason her son is special needs, and dependant on a breathing machine is because of her extended hardcore drug use while pregnant. She also confessed to killing her unborn child while talking to journalists about it over a hamburger and joint. She says she has no regrets and would do it again. She alleglly used her handicapped sons disability benifits to preform the procedure. The father was devestated when she annouced it with a smile on her face. She said its her right, her body. She also is accused of selling oxycodones with her live in boyfriend Peter. She has since abandoned her son for a kid-man that is only 20. Claims it is true love, and he will ne the next daddy to her children that she has abandoned! Someone please pray for this DEADBEAT.

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