-manager gives Herpes to employee trying to work her way to top!


(Columbia, Pa) Local Police are looking into an allegation that a local store manager of a MurkyChill convivence store gave one of his employees Herpes. The victim reported to Police that Mack Chinnet, of Conestoga, Pa did with the intent give his employee the STD. It all started when he told her that he was in an open relationship with his live-in girlfriend. The employee exclaims that she thought she could work her way to the top quicker, so she decided to go down to his house on one occasion and then down to the river to have wild rough sex. After the last incident two weeks later, the employee did suffer a severe herpes outbreak so bad she was rushed to the hospital where doctors performed a lifesaving procedure. After reviewing the case and talking to other employees it was discovered that this incident was the source of the Fish outbreak along the Susquehanna River. Officials are warning everyone to stay away from MurkyChill stores, especially the one outside of Columbia. The company is not commenting on the incident and the manger still is employed there, and no longer respected by his employees according to sources. The district manager Darth Vadar had no comment.

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