It was nice seeing the other kids for a change. I guess the cunt wants to not fight again so I get them this upcoming weekend now that this week is done. I hate the fact that she let her mum cut his hair. Personally she’s a good cook but a horrible barber. Other then that it looks like things are going better this week. I still can’t believe that the cunt is trying to calm the me down, after fucking me over with my kids. Maybe she saw this website? In any case, she tried to justify sleeping with my sister and brother by telling me, that yea she fucked them, but when she was done they drugged her, drove her to Ephrata and let two more dudes take turns on her. Sounds a lot like the past when she got doubled at the park too. Never just one dude, but always two. It just made me laugh bc I know it’s all a crock. If indeed that all happened, then why aren’t they in jail? Do you give everyone a free pass except for me? Just sounds weird. Still again story of my life. On a good note, the appointments this week are doing well for me. Karen still won’t sign her last name, or acknowledge it which is still her name so from this post on she doesn’t get tro sign anymore paperwork till she signs it correctly. God forbid something get fucked up with the insurance because of her pride.

In closing tropical storm Ida is coming tonight until Thursday. I hope everyone stays safe out there! Remember just bc if looks good probably mean ugliness on the inside. It’s almost always the case.

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