– mommy doesn’t love me anymore…


Dear Mommy,

Hi this is your daughter. You know, I’m the one that has the tube in my throat so I can breathe. It was so nice seeing you last Friday when they put me to sleep on the operating table. When I woke up, I saw you and Daddy there, and I was the happiest little girl in the world. Daddy even told me that I could spend the night in his apartment with you all by myself since you can’t have me at your brand-new boyfriend’s house. I was so excited. Daddy kept telling me that you were coming. Well, when you left, and I watched Daddy cry I didn’t understand. I waited all night for you to come back, and for five long days you stayed away, and still haven’t come to see me. I was so sad. I don’t understand what daddy did to make you so angry at me. I saw daddy messaging you, and calling you and you ignored us? What did I do wrong? Daddy said that sometimes mommy stays away because she’s loves someone else more than me now and that’s why she doesn’t call or see me. Please will someone tell my mommy I’m sorry, and to come and see me. Tell her to call my daddy. Daddy says I should still love you and care.

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