(Columbia, Pa.) On 6/6/22 Austin Sawyer of Union Street in Columbia did walk into the borough Police station this morning with a funny story! He claimed that his cheating ex-girlfriends husband tried to run over two random people carrying an air conditioner. When officer Miller investigated it turned out that no incident occurred. Fact is the men moving the AC actually are friends of the driver with the red truck and exclaimed to the patrol officer that the man making the accusation looked like he was on drugs, and no such incident occurred except the blowing of a horn while the man in the truck waving at them! The driver of the truck also was able to produce video evidence showing that he merely blew the air horn in his truck and waved. It would seem that the world is becoming a bunch of pussies when young immature men lie about a crime because they are butt hurt over a ex. No charges have been filed, but the police are investigating whether to charge Sawyer with making a false report. More to come on this story later.

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