A very important rule to go by is own your shit. What that means in a nut shell is that if you do something speak up and own up to it. I’ve used to have a big issue with owning my shit until I got screwed over. Reality is someone asked me last night to remove this website and I actually thought about it but when I stopped by to see mutual friends in town today I was told and shown a whole different thing. I tried to address it but got told I was off topic. All I have to say is message received loud and clear. I was provided with screen shots of some conversations between certain people and all that I have to say is that you all can blame me for whatever but I don’t delete messages, and I am not the one putting my dick or vagina where it doesn’t belong . If you are in a committed relationship and are being a GRIMY SHADY NASTY person, then maybe you all should be single. I guess I was the perfect fall guy because showed up that day to see a special someone, and also lets not forget that I know a way around a computerso that must mean I am responsible for all of the worldy problems when it comes to other peoples drama and them trying cover it up. Some people are really FOUL! At the end of the day I have some screenshots that were sent to me. Go ahead and show your proof and I’ll post the screenshots. I will own my shit and yours if you put my in a position that I have too.

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