-racist neighbor trys to ruin 4 years olds birthday party!


(Columbia, Pa.) On Saturday 5/13/2023, The Columbia Borough Police responded to the first block of N. 4th Street for a neighbor dispute again. Apparently the spanish family that is under attack from the racists in there building were again the target of yet another attack when they were trying to have thoier sons four year olds birthday party. Allegily the third floor neighbor went down the stairs and pounded on the door confronting the neighbor with a cell phone camera. From there a small argument ensued. The police were quick to respond to the scene. The racist neighbor demanded that the police press charges on the family! In seeing all of the commotion, the business across the street, that is also under attack from these racsits decided to help the family celebrate thier childs birthday by bringing a grill over across the streeet and the family moved the party out to the street. The whole neighborhood celebrated in unity after seeing the horror. The amount of issues on this block of Columbia is horrible, and attention needs to be brought these undesirables. If they don’t like our diverse community then maybe they should move to a safer neighborhood.

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