Randy how did you know?!?!

Randy. First of all how did you know? The two democrats that you speak of are actually Green Dreams and a very good friend of mine. I spoke to him about it, and he really doesn’t start crap with anyone, and I know this man. Even though you called them out for democrats. This man is one of the is not the cause of it. They are lucky they don’t know him like I did because he could of probably taken all of them out. I guess restraint is a good thing. Strange thing is I realize that Green Dreams with everything that has happened has no way of getting close to a election, nor have they registered anything worth while. It looks like this organization is fading away fast. Thus being lets ask you a few questions Randy. Why hasn’t Green Dreams been continuing these protests? There is more to come. In the meantime check this post out that I found and share the shit out of it!

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