Something inspirational for Columbia.


Columbia is not a bad town. With the current events going on maybe there can be a peace one day. I hear there is a town meeting tomorrow at 7PM because the people want to see some the Police departments use of force policy. Make sure you go to for that great story though. I would encourage everyone that is able and not sick to go down and demand to see it at the town meeting also. If you want positive things to happen you need to participate in our local government and go to these meetings. Make sure you practice social distancing, and wear your masks! Covid-19 is no joke. Right to know requests are powerful things also. The borough website contains a form that you can download and submit. Electronic items are normally free so ask them to email it… Remember social distancing. My personal opinion is that the police are a bunch of great guys, but there needs to be some change, and transparency in place. I don’t think defunding is the answer. Maybe a town hall meeting with us and the police one day would be a answer. I think this whole covid-19 has everyone’s nerves at high levels, and you all need to relax, and remember that this site is for entertainment purposes only! Enjoy the video below.

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