-susan speaks out in a public forum.


Dear Susie,

I do not know who you are referring to as RKelly, however I saw this on Facebook, and I knew that if I replied there I would surely get silenced by the Facebook police so here it goes. I really honestly do not know what your deal is, but I’ve done my best to avoid you. You think you upset me when we stopped talking? Well there was a reason. You see there is a lot about you that I also do not like. Once again lets start with the facts, you know things that I can prove. Lets go back three weeks ago when you and Twin were at my door because I allegedly wrote a story about a witch that was breast feeding her 5 year old daughter. I have the whole scene on camera how you and your boyfriend dragged that poor little child of yours up to my house where i live while my kids were here to confront me. If you think that story was about you then you have to ask yourself.. Are you still breast feeding your toddler drunk? Thus another reason I couldn’t stay with you. Who feeds there toddler a tit at 5 years old? Let alone after they are drinking? You told me all those stories that you told me when we first met. You know the ones that you also told your ex before you asked him to punch me in the face? I find it funny also that strangely enough your adult son moved out. Lets shed some light on this… Explain this Susie.. After being at your house and knowing what you made a hour you still were broke. If people really knew the truth do you think they would allow you to continue to do your job. How do you know I don’t have videos of you drunk feeding your kid? Keep playing with me and see what happens. When you remove the post on Facebook, and apologize in writing or on a public forum for calling me and your baby dad a pedo, which isn’t true then we can continue. If you continue to raise this level then do your best. The law is weird when it comes to public Facebook postings, and this website is purely fake news so have a great day witch…

There you go. From your sons mouth Jan 12, 2022. I sure hope someone saves your kids. The list of people go on, but I’m sure you will call your own son a liar too right?

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