Well folks. It looks like I got myself in trouble from the Witch story the other day. Apparently after publication. I had not one, but two female individuals approach me and ask why we would do a story about them. First off, all how many drunk moms live on Union Street in the borough is there that are breast feeding their toddlers? Sounds pretty sick right? We’ll let me tell you. The first one was bold enough to find my house and show up at my door with her man, but couldn’t, or wouldn’t show me where I had put them out there, and the second one was on my Facebook friends list, and sent me a message asking me why my Christain interbred ass was attacking witches… Like what the hell? Just shows you how far someone is willing to go to show that they are the witch. So, question of the day is who’s the witch? Is it Rebecca or Susan??? Are you all white or black witches? I guess I know when I find your jar of piss on my front door with your spells attached. lmao! Have a great day Columbia, and if you see our signs rolling down the street make sure you blow the horn and wave or flick me off. Whichever one you prefer, and again as the disclaimer reads this website is for entertainment so enjoy!

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