Dear Whore,

After a long vacation for six months, I have decided to come back. I thought that things could be civil, but you’ve made it clear that you will do anything to attack and hurt me and your child. You are such a low life piece of shit mother that can’t get her child anything for Christmas, that does nothing but lie. You do not call her, don’t even see her anymore. Not for months, and you can blame it on me until your blue in the face, but the truth is Thye truth, no one stopped you except you. When you go to a judge and they find out its been almost a year what are you going to do? When all the medical professionals testify that I DID IT ALL without your deadbeat ass what are you going to do. I hope your poor choices torment you for the rest of your life. You wanted this again, and now ye shall have it. You don’t deserve kids and I hope you give all your future boyfriends your disease that you caught by trying to fuck your way to the top you whore. We have been so good without you. Sometimes we forget you even exist. However, after today, and what you did to this little child it is time to start up again and expose the creeps for who they really are. I will start with the next column.

-Merry Christmas Whore!~@

Dear ex best friend,

It has been almost a year to the day that I found out you were claiming to be my friend and getting nudes from my ex. I thought we worked past that, and you agreed that you would never make a poor choice about it again, it was disrespectful to our friendship. Come ot find out last night on Christmas out of the blure you send me a text message hashing up the past when the real truth is you were trying to get me to block you so you could fix your immedate problem. You see internet readers. My friend not only was trying to fuck my wife, but he was trying to fuck my daughter. When she was 16 she had personal pictures leaked and this man told her in screenshiited messages that he got them and that her pussy looked like roast beef and threanted to share them all over the internet. Last time I checked it wasnt cool to threaten to release child porn of my daughter from like 10 years ago that the police were tnotified about, so now my ex best friend is a pedo. Columbia has so many of them, and its sickening. To think I left him take my small kids to the store makes me fucking sick. Soon I will expose you and what you did.

-Merry Christmas Pedo!@

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