Want to play a game Z???

What would you do if I told you that the rules on the internet had no rules?

What if you could post anything you ever wanted for the world to see you could?

What if you knew you could do it anonymously?

You see Z now you sure truly AI.



This is a letter that I received this morning??? With a “I love you message” from an alleged rapist that gets his girls black out drunk, and mixing Xanax before raping them? It would seem this week is getting more interesting by the day. I shall return later after I find my missing W2 that I misplaced. I wouldn’t want my social security leaking off to the dark web. That would ruin me financially for the rest of my life!

Have a great day folks and remember this website is here to entertain you. Please refer to the disclaimer. (MESSAGE TO THE ONERS THAT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY).

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