Well Shyt I wasn’t expecting that…


So you decided to treat me like this? In the end picture I want to be friends with you. I do everything. I buy you things. I do dinner and breakfast with you. Help you out with money? The only thing that I don’t is sleep with you, and you still disrespect me like I’m dirt. When i told you I didn’t care last week when it came to our special needs daughter I was dead ass serious. I would rather have you as a friend then a enemy, and honestly I wish and want to be friends. If you wouldn’t do stupid shit like take photos with beer cans in the background then I wouldn’t have to be a adult and ask you PLEASE to take the picture down, and I did it bc I am her father and thought it was so unprofessional for any parent to do it, and yea I know you already did take it down and it’s cool but the skank had the last post coming to her for opening her mouth. If I wanted her opinion I would take my dick out of her mouth…. If you don’t want me harping about your skanky friends that get into my business then stop telling them shit that your baby daddy says. You realize that you are clinically crazy? You realize that I do so much for you that I don’t have too and when I ask one small favor from you this is what I get… All I got to say is be your bad assed self but when your done and if you choose to hurt our daughter bc I had a issue with a picture and decide the seven pm thing then I will.

Make sure I get her back Sunday morning

I will ask you for child support, and if you don’t work it out I will file it with the courts

I will also ask the court for alimony bc I do have the evidence in the form of pictures and video about why we aren’t together.

We also need to either work out the remaining issues like adults or go to court. I would prefer the adult thing. I got all the time in the world when it comes to my daughter. Do you? Is it worth losing your time over this when you can just talk about it and we can be cool again, and be like yesterday, and today? Can you even deal with a real conversation? Are you ok? I hope that your going to make things hard for our daughter by not talking about this? All I want you to do is understand that when I have a issue or you have a issue it should be addressed by the other parent. Not be told I’m wrong or tell your friends so they can comment online on the picture… Then again I’m sure she’s ok with drinking in front of her kid if Becky even has one? I don’t know what else to get out about how I am feeling but pity for you that you can’t see what’s wrong with this picture. I really hope you decide to move past this, and we are just friends. At this point it’s up to you, but I wont let you hurt her by cutting out time bc you can’t speak about it for whatever reason. If you fix this I will take down these last two posts and we can forget all this craziness nd be friends. Fair enough.

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