Today I saw a crazy person that has no sense of common sense. She shows up at my work taking pictures, shows up at my house taking pictures. In my mind I saw her fall off my roof today by accident of course :).

Today I saw how much someone values her own selfish needs over her kids. Her whole life is coming apart and she thinks her fight with with me when it really isn’t. I wanted to talk to her civil about these things but she is always too busy for her children these days. On the outside she wants to be mother of the year. She doesn’t have a clue on how to be a mother in my opinion this week. I tried to warn her weeks ago to step up but as always she was right in her head. She choose to be my enemy so now she must reap what she sowed, or till it… If she doesn’t feel that way then she should tell me so before I am done with it and decide to stop trying to be her friend. I hope she sleeps well tonight in the dirty hotel room with her finance that she can’t even marry. Maybe since they are in Vegas they will make some porn so their 18 year old pedophile customer can jerk off to it. Not worth the $15.00 monthly subscription after what I saw. You two are honestly made for each other.

Just know I will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, and healthy. I’m not scared of you anymore either, because again not my shit show today Jesus!

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