Why this man brought a gun to my house…


Dear all Columbia readers,

Apparently this guy above in the picture got so butt hurt he enlisted his neighbor at 155 Ave XXX to hold a camera as he drove to my house in his beater pickup, proceeded to place all his knives out in front of his homemade video, and come to my door with a gun trying to lure me outside. Yes he video taped me on my private property, yes he made sure I saw his gun. His name is Christopher Stoffel. I told him after he pounded on my door that I didn’t want to talk to him as my special needs baby stood behind me then I saw his gun, and proceeded to slam my door in his face and go get mine. Now how do you think that would of went you on my property and us both having guns if you hadn’t left? I have to ask why in the hell would you unload your knives on a video that a 14 year old boy sent me copy of, but bring a gun to my door? PUSSYS carry guns. On top of it you wanted to talk? I call bullshit! What did you want to talk about? How you tried to fuck my ex Karen in a abandoned house while you all worked together? How you gave me a dirty look bc I caught you messing with the clerk from turkey Hill? How you fucked your bosses, wives friend in a storage shed while your beautiful girl was at home taking are of your baby thinking everything was ok? You want to know why I’m so pissed at you Chris? Put away your gun and be a man and invite me for a sit down somewhere and I’ll tell you, otherwise I have no issues telling everyone that reads this site what you did to me, and it’s going to happen soon if you don’t respond. Trust me when your woman reads it and I post my evidence you wont have a girl friend anymore. Anytime your girl wants to reach out to me both her and you have my phone number. It was passed to you by my daughters boyfriend on Sunday since you are all buddies. Be happy that you have a girlfriend still and stop trying to fuck everyone’s girlfriends/wives you aren’t Gods gift to women. The only reason I put your name out on this site is because you brought a gun to my door and had it exposed in front of a special needs handicapped child trying to lure her me outside to do whatever. Call the police I will show them the video, you show them yours and see how long you have a gun permit. If I died at your gun from your being so aggressive my daughter would probably pass away also bc no one would or could care for her unless they are trach certified, or waited for the police? I’m sure you don’t want her blood on your hands to do you? I didn’t even mention your name on this website until you pulled that stupid stunt. I also know where you live at 157 Ave XXX. Now everyone will know it so if anything happens to me you will be number one suspect. Next time you bring a gun you better shoot me dead immediately dude because I will defend myself on my property or anywhere you think you want to threaten me. Want a truce? Want to be removed from this site? Then dial my digits and we can talk without your neighbor cameras or guns. Hell I’ll even buy you a coffee. I am not afraid of you and not afraid to die. Please remember that. Is it worth going to jail for murder?

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