Will the pandemic kill the bad men?

Closeup portrait of a fuckboy

With the pandemic killing many in the country you have to wonder if all the men out there will be safe. The national center for disease control says that the men in the nation are more likely to die from a STD rather then the COVID-19 pandemic because they need there lungs when they are playing the street with the married unfaithful women in the world. The current diseases that rank highest in the country currently are Cymatia, & Herpes, among a few that we haven’t mentioned. So in closing a word of advice. If your a cheating dirtball please use protection or the married woman you are banging my very well give you more then a good time! She may also give you a disease from the three previous males that shes fucked before you. You really should take this seriously as your health may be at risk! Have a great day and be safe out there, and even if you use protection it may not be enough!

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