– Witch in Columbia exclaims she will continue breast feeding her daughter drunk.



(03/25/2022, Columbia. Pa) Police have responded to the 400 block of Union Ave for the reports of a female breast feeding her kid drunk. On arrival officers found an intoxicated Sussiex Cummings breast feeding her 5-year-old daughter. Sussiex was clearly under in influence of a bottle of Vodka, as she exclaimed while being led away that it was her favorite. On further inspection it was found that Sussiex had some meth pipes in her possession as well. Her bail is set at 100k for endangering the child. After the charges her employer CII Childrens Health system of Columbia suspended her employment. He daughter was placed in the custody of her father Davis in Columbia. Sussiex is also being investigated for stealing her adult son’s social security. The son has since found another payee and moved from the home.

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