So what a week it has been for me. I feel like these last few months have weathered me pretty hard with this pandemic. What I wouldn’t do for some warm weather too.

I keep running this through my mind that I’ve been like so super honest with everyone and I still see others dark twisted webs, People I thought I knoew I really didn’t before the awakening. The people that do know me say that I changed. In my heart I am changing everyday. As much as I hate to say it I asked God for a sign and he finally woke me up.

In the end when you realize that I was telling the truth you will wish you would have listened to me. You say I want to control things, you etc, no the truth is I want you to be a good mother and not a piece of shit mother. In my eyes I think you see her as a possession. A fis for the first baby mess up. All that I know is that when you did all that stuff to me and I endured it I once never stopped fighting for her. I’ve reached out to you, and you seem to have your mind made up that I am not lying. I am awake now. I see through you, and I forgive you but I will do everything in my power because I believe that you neglected and abused her. I told you for weeks, even messaged you frequently, and now look at where we are and the roads I can choose from, or the option to sit this one out. Things are only in the beginning phases, and so far it doesn’t even think you care. You care more about the men that keep you. Never will be able to be stable on your own, will always need a man named dick or his family. I can’t depend on you, and neither can either of your two children. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings Karen, but you need to know I don’t think its about winning or losing. It is about doing what is right, and not physically harming our child by neglect, and again I firmly believe you did this, because why would anyone lie about something serious or a doctor say it also. My first weekend there was no sickness or crying in my house for once. I’m glad you can’t hurt her anymore, and I’m glad the professionals stepped in and testified. Thank you God Almighty.

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