First of all your nothing but a fuck boy, arsonist, homewrecker, and a jobless idiot that depends on my grandmother to support you! A fuck boy like all the rest, three this year maybe four if you count Uncle Dick that Karen was allegedly sucking off when someone walked in, and caught it, but hey I wasn’t there, and apparently you weren’t either. The reason I am writing this blog entry is because I don’t want you around my child and over my dead body will I ever allow it, and after Karen’s absence for months she should be grateful that I am being nice and allowing her to even get near my child for the few minutes she is allowed to with your permission king fuckboy. It must be so easy to know that you are one of the reasons Karen can’t see her child whenever she wants or even keep her overnight, and lets not talk about going to her appointments, or even visit her while shes sick in the hospital. You all aren’t paying rent and still I get no financial support for my daughter. I sure hope she brings me diapers like she promised tomorrow. Soon enough Karen will have to make a choice. Lets hope by then you win me over, because if you don’t I have no issue with keeping my daughter away again and making Karen fight a court battle against me, nurses, doctors, and her mother that she would surely loose, I mean lets be honest, she lost her first child to he mother and that will all come into play. Maybe reconsider things and stay away from my part of town, keep your family members out of my business also. You sending them only makes YOU look like a little bitch. Just wanted to get this off my chest. I hope you sleep well tonight while I take care of my daughter like every night.


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